Whether you wish to come in-person or to use a third party shipper, Freeman's offers assistance for collecting purchased property or dropping off items pre-approved for consignment.  




Please find helpful information below pertaining to the shipping of purchased and consigned property. Unless otherwise arranged, all pick-ups and drop-offs take place at Freeman's loading dock, located at:

1600 W Girard Ave  |  Philadelphia, PA  |  19130


In Person Pick-Up/Drop-Off


To help streamline our services and to reduce your wait time, we request that you please schedule an appointment if you are planning to pick-up or deliver your property in person. Freeman's offers multiple, convenient ways for you to schedule an appointment at our loading dock.


Schedule online 

Once you have logged into your user account, you can select your preferred date and time-slot using the scheduling calendar below. 


Contact Us

You can also make an appointment by contacting your Department Representative or by emailing


Please Note: Appointments require 24 hours advance notice. Only property that has been pre-approved by Freeman's for consignment is viable for drop-off. If you would like to submit an item for possible sale, please contact one of our Specialist Departments or submit a consignment inquiry. Property can only be released to a buyer after your invoice has been paid. For additional information on Payment, please see here or contact  


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Preferred Shippers

Shipping with a Third Party


Freeman's is happy to assist you in making arrangements with a third party vendor for the shipping of your property.


If you wish to use one of our preferred shippers (see below) or one of your own choosing for collecting your purchased items, please email stating that you authorize them to pick up your item/s on your behalf. 


Please Note: All items must be paid for prior to release. Responsibility for packing, shipping, payment, and insurance shall be exclusively that of the purchaser and shipping payment is handled directly with the shipping company. All purchases, including those being shipped out-of-state by a third party, are subject to State and Local sales tax, unless the buyer has provided a valid exemption certificate. See additional details below.

Freeman's Preferred Shippers List

download pdf  





General Shipping Services

The Packaging Store 

Alex Long

1513 Gehman Road

Harleysville, PA 19438


Fax: 215.361.6941

US Mailroom

Sean Mundy

45 E City Ave

Philadephia, PA 19004






Specialized Shippers


Courier Services (Hand Deliveries)

Annie Hauls

Michael Topley

Lambertville, NJ 08530


*East Coast deliveries only

Art In Transit

Nick Clarke

208 Rex Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19118


Baldwin Fine Art & Residential 

Drew Ferry

1100 East Mermaid Ln

Wyndmoor, PA 19038


Mr. C’s 

Charles Cohen

1615 North 10th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19122


Fine Art (Domestic and International)

The Packaging Store 

Alex Long

1513 Gehman Road

Harleysville, PA 19438


Fax: 215.361.6941

Craters & Freighters of Philadelphia

Laura Rutherford, Gisele Minnich,

Bob Erwin

1461 N. Gravel Pike

Perkiomenville, PA 18074


Atelier Art Services 

Katie Campbell

1330 North 30th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19144


Fax: 215.235.0421

Aiston Fine Art Service 

Mark Aiston

P.O. Box 3434

Grand Central Station

New York, NY 10163


Fax: 718.361.8569

Crozier Fine Arts 

Catherine Erickson

New York, NY 10011


Fax: 212.741.5513

U.S. Art 

Jessica Pierce

37-11 48th Avenue

Long Island City, NY 11101




Additional Handlers and Shippers

A. Mastrocco Jr. Moving & Storage

Roseanne Gebler

1060 Louis Drive

Warminster, PA 18991


Fax: 215.444.9327


Furniture & Large Items

For larger pieces where delivery

time is not the primary concern,

we recommend getting your items



Contact Us


Sara Jackson

Post Sale Administrator




Megan Latona


Megan Latona

Logistics Manager




Frequently Asked Questions

Per our Terms and Conditions:

15. Unless exempted by law from the payment thereof, the buyer will be required to pay any and all federal excise tax and any state and/or local sales taxes, including where deliveries are to be made outside the state where a sale is conducted, which may be subject to a corresponding or compensating tax in another state.

All purchases made at Freeman’s, therefore, will be subject to the Pennsylvania State and Local sales tax--currently at a combined rate of 8%, which is applied to the hammer price plus buyer’s premium--unless the successful buyer submits the required tax exemption documentation. Those seeking exemption from sales tax must provide a valid certificate to Freeman’s prior to outgoing shipment.

In accordance with Pennsylvania State law, if Freeman’s or the buyer arranges for a lot/s to be shipped outside of Pennsylvania through an independent, third-party shipping company, Freeman’s must collect Pennsylvania sales tax on the lot/s irrespective of the property’s final destination. If the item is first delivered to any hired service provider (e.g. restorer, storage facility, etc.) located in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania sales tax will still be applicable and invoiced, even if the lot will ultimately be shipped out-of-state.